Another Renovation Project Completed

We have over looked yet another investment property refurbishment, This article provides landlords with simple and cost effective ideas on how to refurbish a house without spending too much.

Firstly we can have a look at the before video to see the condition of the property when it was purchased. As the house required rewiring to meet current electrical standards a lot more plaster had been taken off the walls


A simple plaster combined with neutral colors gives this old terrace property a modern look. We recommend landlords to laminate the ground floor of the properties as this is easier to maintain between tenancies and does not look too bad either. Wickes and BnQ budget range laminates are the most reasonably priced. Local companies such as The Carpet Stop are very reasonable in providing flooring also.

Another tip is using fire doors, they may not look the best but are very durable and hard wearing will last years.

Howdens Joinery on Ascot Drive for a flat pack kitchen is also great for tenants.


If you have a property to refurbish why not give us a call, i am always here for simple advice on the easiest/most cost effective method of refurbishing a property. The cost of work and decor usually depends on the type of tenant you require.