Overseas Buyers and the Value of the Pound

There is no disputing that the current value of the pound presents a fantastic opportunity for overseas buyers. Derby has long been a coveted destination for UK buyers and now foreign buyers who view owning property here as a solid investment that delivers exceptional returns.


Despite the economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit, confidence in the Derby property Market from abroad remains high. The UK is largely regarded as stable and resilient, especially compared to other European markets. We are finding that cash-rich buyers from those countries are opting to purchase property in Derby oppose to the likes of cities like London.
International interest is typically centred around particular locations within the city centre projects, we’ve noted a marked increase in enquiries from foreign buyers. In fact, the last three investment enquiries we have had were from foreign investors, although we’ve also seen an increase from those buying in American dollars – from the Far East and America, often at the higher end of the market.

Certain places, however, continue to remain popular among domestic buyers, like DE22 and DE23 and the surrounding area. As a return on investment they provide the most interesting returns, and as a Property Management Agency in Derby we are never short of demand from tenants


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